An afternoon with…


I returned to We Work for a few days. It was nice to reunite with my fellow entrepreneurs (after working there for a year). Even the guy in the local coffee shop (Aroma) recognised I had been away for a few months. Entering We Work alone wasn’t easy.  6 months a go we had been 5 people, sharing an office for 3 and working as a team. I had gone back in time and in my tracks. I was slightly embarrassed by what some of the We Workers I knew less well would think. I was thinking on behalf of them. “Oh the dream girl. It was obvious it wouldn’t last” or “Wow, she’s still trying at that business alone”.

It was a nice feeling to bump into Yuval & Sagi from Switchers and quickly tell them about what happened with Russia while en route to a lunch date with Aldo. When I returned to their office to continue the conversation, they invited me to work from their office and I ended up spending 6 hours there.

Yuval is a smart & realistic guy. He is also nice & pseudo cynical in my opinion. He turned to Sagi and said ‘1000’ which I later understood was a budget they were placing on Dreame for some adverts. He was in a good mood, after a successful month.

Now, this amount  may mean very  little to them, but the time they spent on the campaigns and showing me how things work, is what truly hit some sort of wow chord in my body. They don’t owe me anything and they simply wanted to help.

And without sounding too cheesy, I very quickly transitioned from the lone entrepreneur to the boho chic dreamer that was getting help from some of the coolest ad tech rock stars in Israel and it felt good that they were not only my friends but also my helpers.


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