Dreame; is the world ready for it?

My business today. My business 5 years from now.

I want to empower people to feel like they can create something beautiful. Something with their minds, imaginations or simply inspired by their lives.

Slowly and surely we will be craving our imaginations, creativity, competition with how special we are as individuals beyond the way we look or how many likes our photos get.

My dream is for people to lie in under the sunshine or on their sofas watching the rain outside or with friends over a glass of wine & imagine creative stories for Dreame artists around the world to interpret. These art works would then be printed on clothes, prints, objects we carry around with us daily like wallets, phone covers & yoga mats. I would like our imaginations to enter the world of consumerism. I would like us to be proud of our imaginations & dedicate more time to them.

Dreame Milestones.jpg

I wouldn’t want schools in the future to have imagination rooms where students are forced to sit for an hour a week simply because it is a biological necessity in our lives to dream and imagine. With the internet, so much good can happen. Yet with the internet, so much of our true selves, way of thought & exploration is disappearing.

For as long as I can remember my daily life involving inspection & exploration of others’ lives. My intrigue became consumed with other girls; how good their lives are, how thin they are, how beautiful, how happy, how far they travel. From a young age I was aware this wrong. Why? Because I would find myself eating ice cream and cakes while experiencing 21st century voyeurism.

While this horrible navigation through the world wide web affected my life in so many negative ways. I wouldn’t be the creative thinker or seeker that I am today without this challenge. At least I hope. I certainly wouldn’t be driven so much to reach my goals with Dreame: To one day have a collection of leggings being sold in a high street store with the Dreame logo on them to show they were inspired by dreams and that these dreams belong to dreamers around the world. And that these dreamers are also making some money every time these leggings are purchased. Same goes for the bed sheets that are selling on our online store that are subtly covered in poetic sentences sent in by other dreamers around the world. And for the phone covers with fantastical stories visualised. And tote travel bags with artworks that were inspired by unique travel memories sent in by travelling dreamers.

My goal is to empower storytelling. For my entire life to be inspired by endless stories being sent in for beautiful interpretations & with the potential to be printed on every surface that touches our world.

It’s post midnight. It’s the 1st February 2016. January has been a hard month. But as my wise brother told me, the next 2 months are about embracing and gripping onto survival. I shouldn’t fear it. I have 2 months to make something big out of my business so it can stay alive, and so that one day I can reach my business goals. And maybe even sooner than later. Maybe the goals are futuristic, but maybe the world is ready is for them now. At least the world of the internet & consumerism as we know it.

So if you ask me now which trends or industries Dreame falls into, I would say to the business individuals and investors out there; mass customisation, merchandising, retail, art, e-commerce, but if you ask me for the more thespian answer; self-expression, storytelling, emotions, do it yourself, personal.

So, here’s to survival. To my dreams coming true. To focusing, working hard & celebrating these words coming to life.

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