Startin UP

A house turned into over 100 art installations over 3 days with 80 artists.

I built a team of 3 curators & 5 incredible marketers= we sold over 70% of the art.


The idea of Startin Up is to never start from scratch.

A startup is a company designed to grow fast, most commonly associated with technology and development. At Start in Up, we want to break away from typical associations. We believe that anything can be a start up – a project, a trip, a relationship, a country, a life.

The first project, “Once I Was a House”, transformed a pre-demolished villa in Caesarea, Israel into a living, breathing artistic masterpiece. In a 72-hour creative extravaganza, over 80 painters, sculptures, photographers, creators, inventors, scientists, and thinkers joined forces to transform one end into an unforgettable beginning.

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