Urban Storytelling

During one lecture in University we learned about Nordau’s concept of physical Zionism and all I could think about was the innovative public gym in Metzizim beach (at the end of Nordau street) and how proud Nordau would be. After graduating I moved to Tel Aviv to write a book about the street names of Tel Aviv.

After thinking about a lot of nice coincidences with street names today I started to connect with some of the descendants of street names from Chelocuhe to Shapira to Rabin and collected stories while exploring the history of the streets, the narrative of their names and the significance of the streets today in the context of Tel Aviv.

4 years later, I established a non-profit called Streets.City whereby anyone can submit a story from any street name. We are 20 entrepreneurs working on this project on the side and publishing the world’s first crowd sourced book next year with a collection of stories from today and some historical facts.

We aim to bring this project to other cities around the world

We organised our first hackathon to build the first draft of the website in 2 days. Check it out & Enter a story from any street around the world

Contact me if you’re interested in joining the team